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It’s never too late to start walking your Healing Path

Essenian Healings

The Essenian Healings you can consider at any point, when Reiki can not heal due to karmic purification and lessons involved – when you would like to raise your energy and make changes in your life and health. But with the Essenian Healings, which work on a higher karmic level, the healer needs to check first through energetic communication with their Essenian Guide, if it is possible for you to receive them at this moment in time.

Essenian Healing Workshop Level 1

Learn the holy knowledge of the Essenes which are 5th Dimensional Arts of Healing: the three Essenian Level 1 Healings, the power of the stones and the special Essenian method of purifying and tuning them up, the power of love and the power of our thoughts. Upon 2 days-completion you will receive the diploma and title of Essenian Assistant Healer and a set of 17 stones for the healings, already purified and tuned up by an Essenian Master. You will now be able to perform these healings for other people and if you have Reiki 2 you can also perform them on yourself. Upcoming Workshops are listed here.


Essenian Healing Journeys are metaphysical healing methods that are meant to clear out the unhealthy physical and psychological patterns that are stuck in the body cells (DNA) and make us ill. They are effective against all sorts of fears and problems that do not have an obvious cause, but a deeper background. The holy Essenian Healing Methods are not a religion, they come from the highest Energy Source, Mother/Father God, which we are all part of.



Pleiadian Healings are the ancient High Energetic Healing practices, now put back on Earth, for a broad range of different ailments and problems. They can be considered as an addition to the conventional medicine practice. The Pleiadian Energies exist on the Pleiades, a 5th dimension star cluster. Location of the Pleiadian Healing Circle: New Mills, Derbyshire, UK. Training & Healings are free of charge for the members of the Circle.


Reiki Initiation

The next step is to become initiated into Reiki correctly, open up to this energy and become a channel yourself – learn to do Reiki on yourself and if you choose so, on others and maybe even start your own practice. Our Reiki Initiation programe includes Esoteric knowledge so that you can really understand your chosen path and reasons to your life experience, the meaning (or inevitability) of illness or a problem,  your learning and you can participate to make a change.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatments are a great opportunity to experience this wonderful Universal Life Healing Energy on yourself. Through this our consciousness is raised, and we feel lighter, have more awareness, clarity and we begin to understand our chosen life experience. Reiki treatment raises our energy and consciousness and can heal as far as our karma allows. Essenian Healings address this on a higher level.

Your Healing Path

Most of us experience life sometimes moving so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with the time. We try to understand why things are the way they are and we hope for a better, easier, less painful life path.

At the Amber School of Energetic Healings we understand that looking up to others for comfort, understanding and support, to cheer us up and take our mind off problems, can only give a sense of relief for a short while, whereas the lasting and noticeable changes need to start internally – from your own place deep inside your heart. Therefore the only one who can make positive transformations in our life and health is ourselves and nobody else – through growing awareness, self-reflection and healings. Only then we can understand our chosen path and therefore the reason to our own life experience.

Look at your life, is there something happening over and over again – a physical ailment, an emotional wound, a challenging situation or other things that make your life difficult or painful? Most of us experience these kinds of things, we say ‘it’s life’, but really it’s our karma. And it is us who have chosen it, to bring our awareness to the area that needs our attention and healing throughout our life. This means that if we have not yet learned the lessons we have chosen for ourselves, and not yet purified a karma piece, the challenging situation, disease or emotional struggle has to be there for us, so we can fully experience it and through that make different choices next time. It will be reflected through arising issues repeatedly, again and again, until the lesson is learned and the karma purified. So waiting until one issue resolves itself doesn’t make the lesson learned – another chance to learn is on its way. Only when we realize this, we can see every part of our life as an opportunity to purify our karma and learn from and we can begin to shift from suffering towards growing emotionally and in consciousness and our healing path.


“Receiving initiation, training and healing from Katarzyna has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She has a gentle and loving approach to energy work which I deeply appreciate. I feel very grateful for being taught how to activate my body’s natural healing energies and to really listen to what I need. Reiki is an amazing gift for this life, which has affected my relationship with myself and others. After working on healing my inner child,  I have felt a softening around interactions with my father and brother, allowing me to show and acknowledge deep love between us. 

I feel, that through the Essenian healing treatments I received, my relationship with my partner has changed too. We used to experience a lot of conflict and frustration in our sexual relationship and after receiving Essenian healing, this has shifted into a harmonious balance. I also suffered badly with sciatica on my right side, which has lifted completely after receiving treatment. 

I highly recommend working with Katarzyna, she has a huge heart.”

Chris Moore

Reiki 2 Practitioner

“It has taken me a while to put into words what seems to be pure magic and miracles that are happening around me since my Reiki initiation. It is difficult to describe it as no words can capture the unique and out of this world events that are taking place. However, I want to share with you the happiness that meeting Katarzyna brought into my life.

The Reiki 1 course I attended with Katarzyna felt like stepping into another dimension. The joy, tranquility and overwhelming peace were nothing like I have known before.

And since then, miracles just continue to life changed dramatically.
I went from living in my head and constantly listening to my inner critic, to listening to my heart, making friends with my intuition and living present in the moment trusting the future will unfold in a way that will support me and my development. I honestly have never been as happy as I am now. Since my initiation I keep meeting amazing people and my life just seem to flow. 

I will be forever grateful to you for showing me the way, initiating me to Reiki 1 and indirectly contributing to all those wonderful changes happening around me.
I am looking forward to progressing further on my learning journey under your guidance..”

Anna Jozwiak

Essenian Assistant Healer, Reiki 2 Practitioner

If you would like to experience free 5 min Reiki, learn about the ancient 5th dimensional Healing techniques – Essenian Healing Methods, Pleiadian Healings, Reiki Initiation courses, also for Reiki Practitionershow you can incorporate Reiki into your work life, or if you’re pregnant, you can arrange a group session, free of charge, contact us

We have offered this opportunity at the Beardwood Farm Natural Living Project, for the international community organisation Europia, at a wellbeing session organised by The Museums and Participation Network, one of the events by Vevolution and other events – you can read more here.

“I had been asking the Universe for help for a few months before I met Katarzyna. I felt stuck and I wanted help to heal. Also with learning, growing and finding my path. I started going to workshops and events. I went to this particular event in Warrington. I felt very tired and I didn’t even want to go. But something told me that I wanted to go and I needed to. So I went. When I got there I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I thought I’d go with Numerology because I haven’t tried this before, then I heard that Katarzyna was going to talk about her work, so I decided to do that first and then Numerology. So, Katarzyna spoke about energy healings and what she was doing. I didn’t even know what Essenian and Pleiadian healing was, but I felt called to these. I felt to much in peace during listening to Katarzyna. I asked her after the talk if these healings could help with my back pain. She said she’d get in touch with me. So I left the event after, I felt this was the purpose for me to come and I am glad I listened. During walking home I felt so much peace within me, warmth and love. Then Katarzyna rang me after a while and told me my options. We made the appointment and I went to receive my very first Essenian Healing. The journey to say began there. I knew many things before meeting Katarzyna from reading a lot of spiritual literature. But I have never felt that inside. I started to finally love myself and not feeling guilty. Then I did the Reiki 1 Initiation course with Katarzyna. What an amazing experience! This has helped me a lot more.

I started working seriously on myself. Came to realise and understand a lot of things. And the knowledge from my brain and mind started to come from within. I feel lighter. And I feel that I feel again. I trust in the ‘Higher Source’. I speak my truth without fear. And this list (of changes) could go on.

All in all whatever Katarzyna does, she does it with love and care. I had no other choice but start to treat myself the same way as she does. I finally found the strength to follow my heart and my path and I really finally know that I am not alone.

I am ever so grateful to have met Katarzyna. I am grateful for the energy that she channels and also for her love and the work she does.”

Maria Paholik

Essenian Assistant Healer, Reiki 2 Practitioner

“The Lifeforce Project supports people who are aiming for or who are in recovery from substance misuse. As such we are always looking to signpost participants towards new activities which may support them in their recovery.

Katarzyna was kind enough to take part in our mindfulness and well being day on 22nd June 2018. First of all she gave us an interesting talk on the types of healing that she carries out. Katarzyna told us about her background, some of the difficulties she had to face and how this led her to seek healing through Reiki and other therapies. it was fascinating to hear how her life path then led her to train in these therapies in order to help others.

After the talk, participants were invited to receive an individual short session of Reiki. Katarzyna was softly spoken and attentive throughout. Quite a few people took part and many said that they felt immediate benefit which resulted in them feeling calmer and relaxed. One participant felt mentally stronger and quite euphoric after her session. All in all it was a successful visit and quite a few participants stated that they would like to investigate this type of healing therapy further as they had found it very helpful.

Christine Shaw-Thomson


Why do we need healing today?

We live in the time of an intensive energetic transition of global consciousness, from the 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimensional energy, which we can experience as strong climate changes, economical shifts, financial problems, physical ailments, mental disorders and difficulties on a personal level. Some of us already started making incredible changes in our lives, such as a lighter vegetarian diet, life priorities closer to our heart, showing respect and empathy towards ourselves and others, animals, plants and Mother Earth. These changes in consciousness are due to incoming of the much lighter 5th dimensional energy since 21-12-2012.

To adjust and be able to appreciate this major change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, we have been given the opportunity to engage in the 5th dimensional Essenian Healings as a support to Mother Earth and all people who’s karma is partially or fully finished and who want to participate in their own healing path – to make it easier for themselves to heal on physical, mental and emotional levels and make conscious and sustainable changes in their lives.

The Amber School of Energetic Healings is located in New Mills, UK and is currently offering Reiki Initiations, Essenian Healings and Reiki Treatments as an opportunity to raise your energy and awareness and to keep up with the incoming high 5th dimensional energy that affect our bodies and our lives. The only thing that can stop us from walking our healing path is ourselves and the way we prioritise our well-being and chosen life path, because ultimately we choose how we spend our precious time here on Earth and how we incorporate the healing in our every-day life. We’re all a part of a global and universal consciousness, and when we heal ourselves, we are also helping Mother Earth to make her transition to the 5th dimension easier!

Walking the path of your own healing is the best choice you can make in this life.
What you learn will be yours forever.
The consciousness and the clarity of why you are here on Earth right now
will not only change your life, but also influence the lives of those around you.
Where do our diseases, ailments, problems and suffering come from?

Here on Earth we think we need to make something of this life – career, money, friends, achieve something, be somebody…but this is not the case. These things are there for us, where through engagement and experience we act out our thought and behaviour patterns, learn and purify our karma.

Our physical body with all the sensations is in itself another experience here on Earth. It displays much of the imbalance, illness, disease resulting from our karma – it gives us clues. So does our emotional health and mental well-being. We exist on so many levels – physical, emotional, mental, energetic – they are all deeply entangled and interwoven and so every imbalance, deficit or excess, every positive and negative change always pervades other levels. But on Earth we’re being taught to perceive the physical symptoms as the problem, whereas the ability to recover from any illness, disease or to deal with challenging situations is directly related to our mental and emotional imbalance and originates from our karma.

We choose to come to Earth. We come here many times to make up for the wrong choices we made in other lives – that is karma purification, and to learn and through that grow in consciousness. So based on whatever we want to learn, before we are born we choose who we’re going to be with on Earth, as in our parents, families, friends, we come to a particular situation, family, society, relationships, with a particular ailment, disease, imbalance, body, life-style, personality and all the other things that grant us the opportunity to experience what we have chosen for ourselves.

We are much more than just the physical body, we have feelings, thoughts, intentions – all these are forms of energy, invisible but real. We all are energy and we are a part of a much greater force – the Consciousness that unites us all, the universal creative female-male Energy, people call it Mother/Father God.

About Us




My healing journey

This is the karma I have chosen to purify for myself in this lifetime.

School of hard knocks

I was born and raised in Lodz, Poland. My soul chose a family with a lot of emotional abuse and therefore at times control, verbal abuse, blaming, shaming and hate. A perfect environment to purify a heavy karma. In a country with strong catholic beliefs, I chose the best opportunity to experience judgment, misunderstanding, rejection, disappointment and feeling terribly alone.

From early on I was expected to train and work hard, present myself well, be competitive and achieve best results – my mother used to teach me that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. My mum always had expectations towards me and others, she knew what I should say and do, when and how, and most of the times it was the opposite to what felt true and right inside my heart. I could not possibly meet her expectations unless I was not true to myself – we liked different music, different clothes, I wanted to make my own decisions, she always knew it all best. Often I was swinging between having to stand up for myself in some kind of meaningful, strong, extreme way or to do as I was told and suffer inside. It was a perfect opportunity to become aware of one of my strong patterns I was born with – one of a victim, and one of very few things me and my mum had in common. Yes, my mum was coming across as a very strong character, but deep inside she was hurting very much – putting herself in situations where she was blaming others for her disappointments and hurt.

Sometimes my mum used to speak in such way I felt intimidated, questioned and judged. Many times it felt like she was trying to catch me on something by asking misleading questions. I felt there was never a right or a good enough answer for her, either what I said or the way I was saying things, was criticised later. Many times I felt like I would be killed when I speak up my truth. I experienced complete lack of trust, anger that I could not do things my way and guilt if I did it anyway – back then I could not understand how it was possible that my friends had such open-minded, supportive and understanding parents and I had to fight mines. I knew my pockets would be checked when I leave coat at home, I felt I was always suspected of the worst, accused of having sneaky intentions or second agenda.

I was 25 years old when I moved out, this was the reality for many young people in Poland, because they couldn’t afford living on their own. For those 25 years I heard: ‘in your house you will be able to do what you want, this is my house, you do as I say’ – I never felt really at home. Back then we were just blaming, suspecting and resenting each other at times, feeling hurt and victimised, we were not aware of karma or patterns that we have chosen for ourselves before we came to Earth.

My mother has the strong pattern of controlling others – what they do, how they do it, when and what they think, and she was always very judgmental – she used to say: ‘I only say things the way they are’, of course this was all truth to her and reflecting her own patterns, but I didn’t know that back then, and to some degree I copied some of her patterns. I remember my mum was telling me my dad was never around, never interested in spending time with me when I was little, and all the other things she was blaming him for and I took that pattern on, I only realised that many years later. I realised I spent most of my life blaming my dad for the things my mother used to say. My dad could never understand what he did wrong…Now I can see clearly that the three of us had a very strong karma to purify and it makes sense to me now that we have arranged to purify it like this. My sister is 4 years younger, she was born to the same parents, yet she was able to do much more that I was allowed to, our mother was not so eager to control her and she had a good and healthy relationship with our father! – of course I could never comprehend why that was, I was only able to act out my patterns and those I took on from my mum, and blaming our mum for letting her off. Now I can see I have completely given my authority away to my mum and others.

Odd and outside the norm

Growing up I was rebelling against my family, school, society, religion, beliefs and rules through my behaviour and clothes. Although it wasn’t clear at the time, a desire to find myself, know myself, know who I was and breaking free from what was imposed on me (at least partly) drove me to harming my body also through piercings and tattoo. I felt I couldn’t fit in the way it was expected of me, I was not good enough.

When I was 16 I met new ‘friends’ and we teamed up against the whole world. Through my first relationship I experienced more judgment, exclusion and control than ever before. The new environment was one of addictions, violence and fear, and although I was never hurt physically myself, what I observed made me want to help others, create better opportunities in the future. – that was my karmic pattern of a saviour becoming visible along with ‘know it all’ pattern I took on from my mum.  I knew what the problem was and I had to find the solution and then make it happen by influencing others to follow through. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well, I realised people didn’t want to change, I felt second best, I felt that my boyfriend’s addiction was “more important than me’ – again the karmic pattern of a victim came to the surface. But I couldn’t understand this back then, I was blaming my boyfriend, his friends and parents and eventually we split up.

Doing best to fit in

I felt I had no control over my life, my mother used to say ‘what do you know, when you will be my age, you will know’ – and she never stopped saying this, now I understand it’s a karmic pattern. She used to teach me ‘humility gets you everywhere’ with an implication to keep my mouth shut because I might need something from people later, so it made sense not to argue with them, even if it felt dishonest. And so I took these patterns on as I was growing up, trying to find my ways around and just get by with what I needed. I felt like my identity, power, authority and the spirit to fight for myself were fading more and more. I was tired.

Many times I felt attacked and criticised, even if people didn’t mean to do that – in my head I knew already I wasn’t good enough, I would be blamed and criticised. Eventually I just wanted to disappear to feel safe. I thought who I was in myself was never enough, so I trained well in one of my gifts – drawing skills. And I started hiding behind my perfect beautiful drawings, that were good enough skills-wise. But they were never good enough for me, I always had to do more, achieve more, draw more, meet more people to show my works, build my drawing artist profile, finally be somebody in this life…that was a mask, an identity I built so well, I became addicted to it. I could not live without drawing, in my head drawing was all I was and therefore it had to be perfect and I had to keep going, keep going, keep going. Working myself to death to receive respect and recognition was another pattern I had.

I came to UK with my second boyfriend, we got engaged but we broke up few years later. He seemed to be different to boys I had known until then. He was looking ‘normal’, he was polite, and my mum liked him, which was such a relief after all these years of fighting for the right to meet the people I wanted. What I didn’t realize was that he also had negative patterns similar to those of my first boyfriend – he was also addicted – to alcohol, cigarettes, smoking marijuana, TV and computer games. Again I was trying to get somewhere, this time to get a better job, more money, bigger flat, a baby… Again I felt like the only one in the relationship really making effort, leading, teaching, influencing and … not getting enough in return. Slowly I began to realize that there is also mental abuse and I myself had also brought into that relationship so many negative patterns that I had copied from my mother. It took me good few years to realize all this. Another perfect opportunity to become aware of the karmic patterns of a saviour falling back to a victim role.

Searching for new direction

 After we split up I began to break free from my traditional background and started exploring art and the healing work.  I tried a wide range of therapies and spent a fortune seeking answers, desperate to be able to make my life more bearable, to finally find myself and know why I am here. My work in the hospital, a bureaucratic corporate organisation, was making me feel tired and frustrated. Again I was feeling not good enough, almost every day. At some point I was procrastinating, hanging on until the situation became unbearable and I had no other choice than to say ‘no’ –  always looking for a reasonable excuse, because a simple ‘no’ from me wouldn’t be enough. I was feeling afraid, wouldn’t trust people and most of the times I just couldn’t stand up for myself. I lost my boundaries. Papers were piling up and I was not able to say ‘no’ to new requests and more work to do. I was working myself to death to please others, expecting gratitude, which I could not get because of my pattern of a victim! This situation was making me feel unhappy, disappointed, feeling not appreciated and suffering a lot. I cannot imagine how much my mum had been suffering throughout her life having all these patterns, not even being aware of them…

As I was reading in my free time about the limiting thought and belief patterns I started seeing my work situation as an indication of my patterns rather than people treating me unfairly and blaming me when I missed deadlines. And as I was going along I was looking into myself more and more and my awareness started to grow. I tried to stop blaming others and take my authority back, making small changes, step by step, wherever was possible. One day I realised I have learned and experienced all I could there, I had no resentment towards anyone any more, and I decided to resign and move on to holistic healing full time. I had no financial support, no savings, and like everyone, bills to pay. But I had a deep trust that I would find the way and a strong feeling that the universe was looking after me, sending me signs…

When I first got into spiritual community I was trying to feel this gratitude all spiritual people were talking about – gratitude for food, for the opportunity to meet new people, for the conversations I was having. They were saying ‘love yourself’ – and I thought…’how can I love myself if I don’t know who I am?’ And ultimately it all just didn’t feel genuine – there was something underneath deep inside me, something I couldn’t reach and address through any of the holistic healings. Yes, few things have changed, but it was more like peeling off layers – the core reason for my sorrow was there, no matter how hard I tried to let it go. Every time I got close to it, I felt like a wall raising in front of me and I froze, I couldn’t do anything. And often it felt easier to just pretend it’s not there, until next time. So even in this period I was still purifying heavy pieces of my karma.

Yoga helped me to start opening up, chakra cleaning and balancing only got me as far as my issues allowed – to be honest I didn’t feel I had chakras energy system at all. I trained in Bio Energy Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Metatronic Healing, Sekhem, Quantum Touch and few other – I had the opportunity to experience each of these healing techniques on myself and all of them only always worked as far as my issues allowed – the way placebo works. Some of them lost the humble, respectful way Master Usui taught his Masters – that people are only channels for the Universal Life Healing Energy. Some were offering simple and fast attunements or advising that we don’t even need to be initiated…this is a modern-day spiritual phenomenon that I found very misleading and sometimes even harmful. When we don’t really know from the bottom of the heart that we ARE God’s Sparks, we don’t treat ourselves and each other in such way, we don’t think twice before performing an energy therapy – whether it might harm or if it is of a real value to another person. We don’t realize the changes we might create in other person’t energy field, because how could we possibly know that if we are operating on the physical level with the ego? And often we are not aware of the karma responsibility that comes with everything we do – we look for excuses, just like a bad workman always blames his tools or other people.

For me there was never a question about doing more and more for my own healing. I spent most of my money on the holistic courses, books, workshops, I did everything I could to get better. Instinctively I knew this was the right path, and that there is something that really works, but throughout the years some of the knowledge and the way it was correctly practices, was partially lost, hidden, forgotten or manipulated. And so I kept searching like most people do, we just get confused along the way thinking we are adding up these therapies to our ‘toolbox’ – but on the Soul level we have not yet found that which can really help us purify, learn and heal.

Most of the holistic trainings teaches that as therapists we need to feel we deserve the money for what we do, that we need to allow ourselves to receive the money – the more we think we deserve, the more we charge. We are inspired to have a profitable business, that just happens to be focused on healing – I’ve noticed how some people got into holistic community to heal themselves and others and as they were going along they shifted their perspectives towards comfortable life… Many times I felt manipulated, like a source of income. I did what they said to clear my limiting beliefs about not deserving money, beliefs they said were coming from other lives, I even did a past life regression session. It didn’t work, it couldn’t work because it still did’t feel genuine. As a sales person, working in a corporate organisation, closely with the people in charge of the business, I knew how the “billionaire’s brain” works. And that was giving me a sense of a clash – on one side I was learning to help others, (still from the saviour point of view – purifying my heavy piece of karma) on the other side I was told to be profitable. Making profit on another person coming for help didn’t feel genuine and I felt it was the wrong reason to practice and it wasn’t the same to me as accepting a fair payment for the value for my effort, love and work.

Finding the answers

But in between that, in all kinds of directions the Essenes were brought to my attention through books and internet. One day I was doing some kind of research on the internet, the page of the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing came up and I got in touch with the founder, Lisa Lux. Lisa and her complementary soul Henk Mulder, channelled with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, their Guides, and it was offered to me that I could do a real Reiki Master training and become an Essenian Master Teaching because I came to Earth with this mission and the gift of a very strong Power of the Mind. Lisa also explained to me that before I came to Earth I was offered to wash out big karma created through wrong choices in other lives, and becoming an Essenian Master means to do good this time for myself and through this to others.

When I met my teacher Lisa Lux, I was quiet, reserved, distant and focused on my holistic career doing healing as a job. I told her I didn’t see much point in talking unless we have a particular subject to discuss, otherwise it’s just talking for the sake of it – I didn’t see much point in that, words meant very little to me then. I didn’t eat much, didn’t see much point in ‘stuffing’ myself. I haven’t watched TV or a movie for years, I’ve been convinced it’s too much stimulation. Lisa wanted to talk, she suggested that I eat more, she invited me to watch movies, play cards, spend some time together…and I just wanted to be left alone in my own space and get on with that training. I felt like she was pushing my buttons, one by one, making me feel really uncomfortable. It felt that who I was and all I was, was all wrong, and that really made me angry. It felt like criticism and I felt attacked – I thought the qualities of my personality (my patterns) that I protected so much, was making me unique and I was proud of them! I was wrong. We did a lot of self-reflection to uncover the negative patterns, that I had to look at myself later when I came back home, and address with the help of the Essenian Mental Healing and Reiki – just the way I was taught to do with Essenian clients. We cannot demand healing without wanting to really put in a conscious effort ourselves – in changing our negative patterns. This is one of the lessons Master Usui gave us in Reiki Principles.

Those three weeks I spent in France on the first part of my training to become a 5th dimensional Essenian Healer and later and Essenian Master (Teaching) were the biggest challenge of my life and the toughest time I’ve ever had. That time completely transformed my life.

I went to France thinking I was a Reiki Master (initiated on a distance), Lisa made me aware, that distant initiations can not work, and that the symbols and the way to use Reiki I was previously taught – were unfortunately incorrect, she initiated me to Reiki Master (Teaching). That was the moment when I felt Reiki first time – I have no other words to say this. I felt the high pure presence of Reiki that is a state of being and a way of living, a pure connection with the highest Source, and I felt honoured to be initiated in such way. It made me feel so grateful that this way of passing Reiki was preserved on Earth for so many years and that I could later pass it on to my students as a very special, holy moment too. The esoteric knowledge became a deep knowing and understanding of who I am and how does it feel to be that what we call a God’s Spark – that is so different from knowing it on an intellectual level, because intellectually it has no meaning and therefore very little value, the knowing deep inside your heart changes everything.

Never alone again

Part of the Essenian Master Training is meeting the appointed Essenian Guide. Again, meeting a Guide was something I have done before, now the difference is that before I didn’t feel any connection with the Being that was appearing in the meditation. In France I’ve learned how to communicate with my Essenian Guide, I was given his name and I could really feel his presence physically in my body – it is one of the things, which when you experience on yourself, you just know it, you trust your feelings and sensations. That gentle male energy, that was appointed to me as my Essenian Guide was once incarnated as Jacobus. The beautiful thing is, that he has been so busy for months and months before he pointed me in Lisa’s direction…The way the Guides work, is that they encapsulate the messages in things that are a part of our daily life, it could be a word in a book, an internet site, a song, somebody saying something. And these things at some point suddenly stand out to us…because on the energy level there is a message, a meaning related to us personally. This is called synchronicity. And so Jacobus was pointing me first towards…lucky clovers for couple of months. And it made be believe that I was lucky. Then I started seeing hearts – as puddles, holes in the pavement, leaves, vegetables, shapes and patterns. With the hearts the number 11 and 2 were appearing all the time. And it felt like… the two in love, I think what he was doing was very sweet, of course back then I didn’t know what it was and where it was coming from and for what purpose, but it felt kind and it was making me confident that I was following the right direction. Once we did the Guide encounter, and I felt his presence, the deep feeling of loneliness that was present throughout my whole life, started vanishing. I started to feel safe, knowing I’m never alone and that I’m in good hands.


I had the opportunity to experience the Essenian Healing on myself, after it’s been channelled and indicated that I need a specific healing at that point in time. Through self-reflection I realised that deep inside I just felt sorrow, so painful I pretended it wasn’t there. And at that point I decided to really look it in the eye one last time only to say ‘good bye’ – that was the Essenian Disharmony Healing for me. How it worked? We realised the way my disharmony was showing up in my life, was the coldness I was feeling for many, many years. I was cold physically…and emotionally too.

Everything feels so different now

Understanding that karma was my choice and not a punishment, and feeling transformed by the Essenian Disharmony Healing, it became clear to me why I have chosen this kind of life path for myself, and that the Essenian Master (Teaching) training is a part of my karma purification and learning process. I now have a clear understanding of my job on Earth. I enjoy every day feeling warm, tasting the food, being able to talk to people openly. And I know I’m never alone again, my Guide is always with me. When I now look at my pictures from before I started my Essenian Healing training and now, I can see that I managed to transform my whole appearance through taking the healings, walking my path.

Over the years I’ve trained in most of the treatments that I found not effective enough, didn’t feel genuine and simply were not meant for me to practice but to experience, that’s all. So now I’m a Reiki Master (Teaching) and an Essenian Healer in training to become an Essenian Master (Teaching). That’s why The Amber School of Energetic Healings was born – a school offering a real opportunity to people who choose to make conscious and sustainable changes in their lives and health.

Katarzyna has been involved in the Holistic Healing field since she felt the inner calling to explore the energy work. She left her job in the NHS, and she qualified in over 12 different energy healing techniques, to settle down for the ones that innerly felt right for her and let her use her unique gift of a very strong Power of the Mind, she was born with. Katarzyna trained and certified in France, at the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, with the founder – highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher Lisa Lux. Katarzyna’s difficult personal and working life experiences have provided the insight and understanding of our human life experience – the karma each of us has chosen before being born on earth again – to bring back into balance, what we have damaged in other lives through our wrong choices. Under the guidance and teachings of Lisa, she has learned to communicate energetically with her Essenian Guide, dedicated her life to become a pure and conscious channel, and she consciously started her karma purification process by becoming a 5th Dimensional Essenian Master and supporting others on their healing path, providing them with the tools and mechanisms to cope with change and move forward in life consciously. 




My healing journey

I was born and raised in Birmingham, UK. My parents are second generation immigrants from South Asia  and I am the third of seven children. I grew up in a  Religious household and a very traditional community. When I was growing up, the women in my family did not have equal rights or privileges to men, and had to follow strict social and moral codes.

From a very young age, I had a lot of pressure put on me to conform to religious and cultural expectations; such as getting married and having children, following religious teachings  and obeying my parents and elders. I was never encouraged to have thoughts or opinions of my own, nor could I speak for myself, instead my parents always spoke for me.

My mum and dad were very controlling, and were always putting me down and comparing me to others. I would always worry what everyone thought of me, and began from a young age to learn how to please everyone, as I was desperate to belong, to be liked and accepted.

As a result of this, I always felt I was living two lives; very outgoing friendly and confident on the outside and on the inside, hiding very low self-esteem. This low self esteem also continued into my adult life, where I looked for work that involved helping people who had social and emotional issues.

Through my work, I felt a sense of purpose, like I was doing good and making a difference. What I can now see, is that I was playing the saviour to feel good about myself to boost my ego and increase my self esteem.

This went deeper as I became more determined to develop my career in Health and Social Care. The more ‘qualified’ I became, the more status, power and control I had over people’s lives. This need to control others, extended into my personal and family life, where I began to lecture and advise family members and romantic partners on how they should think act and feel.

It wasn’t until I was initiated into Reiki with Esoteric knowledge, by my Reiki Master Katarzyna Jablonska, that I realised how much I had been crossing people’s boundaries through this behaviour and acting with a lot of judgment and superiority, all to keep my extremely low self esteem hidden, even from myself.

Another behaviour that accompanied this low self esteem was a very strong victim pattern. This was also perfected from childhood,  when I would feel bitterness and resentment towards my sisters for finding the things I struggled with easy, or jealousy when my parents gave my younger brothers all their time and attention.

I believed that I was always being wronged and treated badly by others, when all I felt I was trying to do, was be caring and understanding. I can see now how this was self deception-and that I was just telling myself stories, as an excuse not to work harder or take responsibility for my life.

Because I was not taking responsibility for myself, I relied heavily on others for support, comfort and validation. I did not take the time to learn or do things for myself, instead seeking out friendships and relationships that were co-dependent. I had many failed relationships and could not see how little respect I had for myself and other people.

All of these realisations have come to my consciousness through my practice of Reiki, and through the Essenian and Pleiadian healings I have been able to receive. I now understand that all that has been, had to be; it was my karma, to experience and learn from and bring back into balance the things I had inflicted on people in other lives.

Since being initiated as a Reiki Master, and recently taking the step to begin training in the Essenian healings, with my teachers Lisa Lux and Katarzyna Jablonska, I have been supported to confront these Karma patterns, and many others, and consciously take steps to do things differently. This has been a daily process; often moment to moment, going inside myself, connecting with my heart, and taking the decision to think and feel, in a way that better serves myself and others.

One of the biggest lessons has been to let go of trying to control everyone and everything. I have had to stop judging and manipulating situations to get things to be the way I feel they should be, and instead let others take responsibility for their own lives and Karma lessons they have chosen for themselves.

Another one of the patterns Katarzyna and Lisa have helped me to confront, is how disconnected I am from my own emotions and feelings and the feelings of others. I have often felt like a robot; cold and very clinical and mental about everything.

I had grown up in a busy household with a big family, work in job dedicated to caring, and live in a large housing cooperative in London. And yet I kept myself closed and distant from everyone, hiding behind humour and pleasant words, just trying to get through each day.

Receiving an Essenian Disharmony Healing and Pleiadian healings, has helped me to slowly connect with others again; to begin to spend time with housemates and with my family again. This time as equals; not trying to feel superior or feeling inferior to them.

I have also had to learn to go back to the very basics of self care and learn what it means to love myself. Before Reiki, Essenian and Pleiadian healings, ‘loving myself’ was another token phrase I would use repeatedly without knowing what it meant.


Now I can see it is daily practice of consciously working on how I treat myself; not putting myself down or beating myself up for making mistakes, but being honest when I find things challenging and just try to do the best I can.

Being initiated into Reiki, has been a beautiful gift, and has changed how I feel about my relationship to myself, other people and all living beings. And now taking the step to begin training and working with the Essenian healings, has deepened my wish to connect more to my heart.

Another wonderful gift that has been given to me with the Essenian healing work, has been meeting my appointed Essenian guide. When we were introduced through the guide encounter by Lisa LUX, and I allowed myself to open up, I felt an instant connection and recognition.

His reassuring presence was something I remembered from my childhood, and I feel now that he has been with me all my life.  With his guidance and the guidance of Lisa and Katarzyna, I hope to continue on this healing path, so I can serve as a pure channel for these healings, and help others to also make the true, lasting change in they wish to in their lives.