For those new to Reiki and those who have been initiated before and would like to raise their energy and consciousness more through the Esoteric Knowledge.

The correct Reiki Initiations with Esoteric Knowledge can be particularly helpful in shedding some light on all these not so nice things in your life, because they lift up your personal energy and awareness, to become aware of what’s negative and to stay longer in positive feeling, and as you can imagine, when the energy on Earth is going up from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension, it’s good to take yours up too. And you would be opened energetically as a channel for Reiki, so you’d be able to pass this Universal Life Healing Energy to people, plants, animals, Mother Earth and your own self-healing too, it would come into your head and out of the hands.

It’s safe for pregnant women, babies, elderly and vulnerable people, because it’s only positive Energy from the highest source of female and male energy, that we call mother/father God, and that you and me and all around us is part of too. Reiki is a 2 day course, it’s for everyone, you don’t need any knowledge or skills, we even have a special programme for children with guided meditations and activity sessions to help them become aware of the energy surrounding us all and how to look after their own energy every day, try to focus on happy thoughts and positive feelings and better deal anything that awaits them in their daily life.

Price £125 ( £60 if you have received enough energy on previous Initiations)

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