Essenian Healing Workshop Level 1

SATURDAY 28th – SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2020 at 11am – 7pm, NORTHERN IRELAND
Price £140

SATURDAY 11th – SUNDAY 12th APRIL 2020 at 11am – 7pm, NEW MILLS, DERBYSHIRE
Price £125

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Reiki Initiation with Esoteric Knowledge (Raising up your Energy) 

FRIDAY 24th – SATURDAY 25th APRIL 2020 at 11am – 7pm NEW MILLS, DERBYSHIRE
Price £125 ( £60 if you have received enough energy on previous Initiations)

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Tel: 07909337569

The Workshops and Initiations are performed by:
Katarzyna Jablonska, Essenian Master – Teaching Level 2, Reiki Master – Teaching, Essenian Healing Journey Healer Level 1, Essenian Herb Healing Assistant Healer Level 1, Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle in New Mills, UK

Essenian Healing Workshop Level 1

Learn the holy knowledge of the Essenes – the 5th Dimensional Arts of Healing – Level 1 Workshop for those who wish to learn and practice these Healings.

Learn the three Essenian Level 1 Healings, the power of the stones and the special Essenian method of purifying and tuning them up, the power of Love and the power of our thoughts.
This workshop is for people who would like to learn and offer Essenian Healings to others. No healing background or Reiki Initiation necessary – only a commitment to practice.
Upon two days-completion you will receive the diploma and title of Essenian Assistant Healer and a set of 17 stones (like amethyst, clear quartz) for the healings, already purified and tuned up by an Essenian Master.

The high 5th Dimensional energy techniques – Pleiadian Healings and Essenian Healing Methods have been put back on Earth by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder, from The Academy Of The 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, after they have been asked by Mother/Father God to do this through energetic communication with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene – in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people wanting to participate in their healing path. If at some point in life we experience physical, emotional, mental problems or challenging situations, the Essenian Healing Methods and Pleiadian Healings – sometimes a combination of them, can bring about healing in line with person’s chosen karma path, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.
Not every illness or problem may be healed at any given moment. Sometimes this is part of the individual chosen karma path and purification – we know from the energetic communication (channelling) whether or not a particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person and whether through a Pleiadian Healing or the Essenian Healing Methods.

Reiki Initiation with Esoteric Knowledge (Raising up your Energy) 

Reiki Initiation with Esoteric Knowledge (Raising up your Energy) – for those new to Reiki and those who have been initiated before and would like to raise their consciousness more through the Esoteric Knowledge.

Reiki is the Universal Life Healing Energy, it flows through every living thing. It comes from the big source of female-male energy, which we call Mother/Father God.

If you would like to become a channel for Reiki, the Universal Life Healing Energy, and to use Reiki on yourself, other people, plants, animals and Mother Earth, this course might be for you. Already on Level 1 you will become a certified Reiki practitioner and you can start your professional practice if you’d like to. Reiki can be incorporated into your life if you’re a parent and the ordinary day-to-day and work life. It is safe to receive Reiki Initiation when you’re pregnant because it’s only positive Energy. This course is for everyone.

Reiki Initiations with the Esoteric Knowledge can raise your consciousness and through that bring understanding of your true, self-chosen life path and the reasons to your life experience, the meaning (or inevitability) of illness or a problem (Karma), and learning involved – so important at this time of Transformation on Earth from the 3rd to the 5th Dimensional Energy, to keep up with this incoming high 5th dimensional Energy and keep the body healthy as much as possible.

This is an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to join this programme if you’re looking to progress in your Reiki practice. If you were initiated correctly in the past, which we will be able to confirm through channelling, then the Esoteric Knowledge would be the reason to join.

We are always guided to the type of Reiki, as there are many types of it now – over the last 100 years people modified the original way Master Mikao Usui handed over. As a result some people haven’t received a full Initiation, because of this they couldn’t receive nor pass on the Reiki Energy for 100%. The Reiki we give is from Ryoho, the original Reiki and there are many others on the planet who also perform the original Reiki method of Master Mikao Usui in the correct way.


Yes, we need to be initiated by a Reiki Master Teacher, who has been attuned correctly themselves. Reiki is a very high, holy Life Healing Energy and to be able to reach that level our energy and consciousness need to be raised. We can not do this alone, a Reiki Master needs to be there for us to take us though those stages. This is the way Master Usui initiated his students. It is an important moment in every person’t life when we feel we are reconnecting with our true self and the Holy Source that people call Mother/Father God.