Reiki Initiation for Children

Reiki 1st Degree

A fun and joyful 2 days course raising children’s personal energy – through the Initiations to Usui Shiki Ryoho, the original Reiki rediscovered by Master Mikao Usui over 90 years ago, connecting them to the Universal stream of Life – Healing Energy from the source of all life that we call Mother Father God, and teaching them how to use this Energy in their daily life.

Through the guided meditations and activity sessions kids can learn from an early age how to connect themselves to their God’s Spark within and to try to focus on happy thoughts and positive feelings.

Benefits for the Reiki Initiation

  • keeping the body healthy during the Energy Transition from 3rd to 5th Dimensional Energy on Earth right now
  • helping develop self-awareness, confidence and better get along with others
  • starting to change negative thoughts and behaviours and actively deal with overwhelming emotions
  • improving relaxation and sleep
  • helping with aches and pains from physical injuries

Helping children become aware and look after their own energy, learn to use Reiki on themselves, people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.

Reiki Initiation is a two-day program, each day class is around 6 hrs. Through the 4 Initiation moments the children will open up to the Universal Life-Healing Energy and become a channel for it. They will learn what Reiki is and how to use it for healing. The Esoteric teachings can help them better deal with daily-life emotional challenges.