Why should people consider Reiki Initiation?

Reiki Initiations are here to help you to reconnect with your chosen life path and to become a channel for this Universal Life Healing Energy. It is the foundation for your own healing in your every-day life and an opportunity to pass it onto other living beings in the time of this major energetic transition from the 3rd dimensional Energy to the 5th dimensional Energy. It is a healing practice and a way of living with deep respect, empathy and compassion for the Soul and every living being including  yourself, other people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.
Reiki Initiations can raise your consciousness to a greater level and bring understanding of your true path and therefore the reason to your own chosen life experience, the meaning (or inevitability) of illness or a problem, and learning involved. Through Reiki Initiations your personal energy is being raised, your levels of consciousness and awareness start growing – so important at this time of transformation, to keep up with this incoming high 5th dimensional Energy. 

Do we need Initiation to be able to use Reiki?

Yes, we need to be initiated by a Reiki Master Teacher, who has been attuned correctly themselves. Reiki is a very high, holy Life Healing Energy and to be able to reach that level our energy and consciousness need to be raised. We can not do this alone, a Reiki Master needs to be there for us to take us though those stages. This is the way Master Usui initiated his students. It is an important moment in every person’t life when we feel we are reconnecting with our true self and the Holy Source that people call Mother/Father God.


Reiki Initiation is a two-day program. Each day class is around 6 hrs.
Depending of the level of Reiki, the student will receive a number of initiations – for example for Reiki 1, the student receives 4 Initiations.
Esoteric knowledge included in the programme can raise your consciousness to a greater level and bring understanding of your true chosen path and therefore the reason to our own life experience – your karma and learning you have chosen for yourself in this life.
Through all initiations, you become in each level a certified Reiki practitioner.

“I felt Reiki first time – I have no other words to say this. I became aware of what Reiki really is, what it means to practice Reiki and to live Reiki. Before I went to France, to Lisa Lux for my Essenian Healing Master (Teaching) training I knew the Reiki symbols (unfortunately not the correct ones), I knew what the Reiki principles are and Reiki hand positions (incorrect ones) and I knew the way to use Reiki on a distance (wrong again). In France I felt Reiki as if it was a high pure presence. Lisa made me aware, that distant initiations cannot work, she initiated me to Reiki Master (Teaching). I remember I said to her: “I went for a Reiki training before because people were saying different things about it and I had to experience it on myself…” – it’s natural for a human to compare things…so the Reiki I knew felt diluted comparing to the Reiki that was passed on to me by Lisa. I felt the Reiki that is a state of being and a way of living, a pure connection with the highest Source, and I felt honoured to be initiated in such way. It made me feel so grateful that this way of passing Reiki was preserved on Earth for so many years and that I could later pass it on to my students as a very special, holy moment too. The esoteric knowledge became a deep knowing and understanding of who I am and what it feels to be that, which people call a God’s Spark – that is so different from knowing it on an intellectual level, because intellectually it is coming from a different place and therefore it has very little meaning and value, the knowing deep inside your heart changes everything.”

Katarzyna Jablonska

Reiki Master (Teaching)

There are three levels to the system of Reiki:

Reiki First Degree

The Reiki level 1 course is an introduction to the Usui System of Natural Healing. This two-day course covers the history and tradition of Reiki, the Esoteric knowledge to understand your chosen life path, how to use Reiki on on yourself and to treat others in your professional practice. This is the start of your healing path, raising your consciousness and strengthening the Energy flow. You will receive four initiations at this level and through that you will open yourself up to this Universal Life Healing Energy and become a channel for it.

Reiki Second Degree

The Reiki level 2 is a 2 day course and it takes you deeper into the Usui System of Natural Healing, into the Esoteric knowledge, your healing path, consciousness and it allows you to treat on a distance. You will learn three sacred symbols and holy mantras that will take you into a true deeper connection with the Reiki Energy. You will deepen your understanding of what Reiki can do for yourself, other people, animals, plants and Mother Earth, and through the holy symbols you will learn to do it in the correct way. At this level there is one initiation.

Reiki Master Non-teaching or Reiki Master Teaching

The Reiki level 3 course non-teaching is for those wishing to commit to a deeper healing path – this initiation is solely and only to use for oneself to keep your energy on the same level of your Reiki Master Initiation.

The Master Teacher includes the Master Practitioner course and is focused more on Esoteric knowledge with a commitment to teach others. Here you will learn how to perform Initiations and facilitate Reiki courses.

You can see upcoming courses here. We welcome expression of interest from anyone interested in Reiki, we can put new dates in the diary for various locations in the UK and Europe (courses in English, Polish, Spanish and German), please text or call me on 07909337569 or email