What are Essenian Healings?

Essenian Healings are very powerful energy healing techniques, they address our karma – our true life path we have chosen for ourselves and just like the Pleiadian Healings they are the only 5th dimensional healings on Earth. They were practiced 2000 years ago by the Gnostic Essenes community, by Jesus and Mary Magdalene amongst others. A lot of their knowledge was derived from the Egyptians and the ancient mystery schools of Enoch.

These high energy techniques have been put back on Earth in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people wanting to participate in their healing path. If at some point in life we experience physical, emotional, mental problems or challenging situations, the Essenian Healings can bring about healing, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.

The holy Essenian Healings are not a religion, they come from the highest Energy Source, Mother/Father God, which we are all part of. They have an effect on the SOEF – the energy field in and around our body, where all physical and mental functions are programmed. They use the Power of the Mind in combination with the crystalline ctructures of specific stones, geometric energy fields, intonations, intention, breathing techniques and the help of the Energies, the Essenian Guides. All this and each treatment, step by step, have all been asked by Mother/Father God to be put back on Earth by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder, through energetic communication with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene, for the time when the Earth has completely transitioned into the 5th dimensional energy.

The Essenian Way of living and healing

The Essenes lived in the Esoteric tradition – Gnostic Way, which teaches us that each and every one of us is a God’s Spark that chooses to incarnate into a form (a human being). It teaches us that we are able to relate to this part inside us, that is no better or worse than anyone else, or God, – to the God’s Spark that we are, and we know we can always make a connection with Mother/Father God. The Essenes knew the strong healing effects of certain stones and the ancient ways to heal using stones with intonations (voice sounds) and consciousness, to synchronise the human energy bodies, so that healing could take place. They also practiced Laying on the Hands with the Power of the Mind and the Power of Forgiving and Praying.

It was all so different to what the churches taught. The Exoteric tradition that most of the Christian churches chose, the outer way to God through man-made laws, obedience, books and church fathers, was lead by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. This tradition regarded the knowledge that is outside our personal experience, relating to external reality as opposed to our thoughts and feelings – which are the only way to really become aware of and experience our true path and Energetic origins.

The Esoteric tradition was exiled and many Gospels disappeared out of the churches teachings. At a certain point the Essenes had to bury their Apocrypha writings later forbidden by the church. Some of these writings known as “The Dead Sea Scrolls” were found in stone jugs not so long ago.

Tradition of the Essenian Healings

The Essenian Healings have been put back on Earth by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder after they have been asked by Mother/Father God to do this through energetic communication with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This means that all the knowledge, instructions and elements of these healings, come from the energy realms and have not been influenced by any human opinions, ambitions or beliefs.

Lisa and Henk are complementary souls. Lisa is a highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher. Henk is Clairvoyant on a high level and when in trance speaks with Mother/Father God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Master Mikao Usui. Through energetic communication (channeling) Lisa was requested by Jesus and his complementary soul Mary Magdalene, to put the knowledge and the methods of Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings, back on Earth for the time of transformation and for when we fully move into the 5th dimension.

Henk and Lisa spent several years on channelling the information, all step by step, to precisely document of all the Essenian Healings and the knowledge about karma brought through by the Godly Energies. Much of their time and very hard work was spent on setting up the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing and founding several Pleiadian Healings Groups. They have committed their lives to place these healings back on Earth by training those who have chosen to walk the path of an Essenian Masters, therefore becoming Doctors of the 5th Dimensional Energy. To learn more, visit The Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing.

“I had the opportunity to experience the Essenian Healing on myself, after it’s been channelled and indicated that I need a specific healing at that point in time. My teacher Lisa Lux asked me how happy I was every day, and I said I was quite happy, and that I love myself and then…I stopped for a moment and asked myself: Am I really happy? Am I feeling safe, contented, loved? Do I really love myself? – And I realised that deep inside I just felt sorrow, so painful I pretended it wasn’t there. I came to Earth with it, it was a part of my karma. I found ways to ignore it – putting masks, keeping myself busy and showing off to others in such way that my real unhappiness wouldn’t come across. These were all defence mechanism I developed to be able to survive throughout my life. But that was the point, when I decided to really look it in the eye one last time only to say ‘good bye’ – that was the Essenian Disharmony Healing for me.

How it worked? Well the outcome was one of surprise. the next day we realised I wasn’t wearing my warm woollen cardigan. 2 days later I swapped the warm socks for the normal ones, and still didn’t need the cardigan. We then realised the way my disharmony was showing up in my life, was the coldness I was feeling for many, many years. I was always cold! My friends was asking me if I was ok – wearing 5 layers, when they were wearing T-shirts. I was cold physically…and emotionally too. Once someone told me I was cold and ignoring – I couldn’t even comprehend what he meant. But I was really a cold, insensitive person, an ice-princess, frozen every time I had to interact with another person, especially on the personal level.

Today I enjoy every day feeling warm, tasting the food, being able to talk to people openly without feeling attacked, being able to show my feelings. When I now look at my pictures from before I started my Essenian Healing training and now, I can see that I managed to transform my whole appearance through taking the healing and continuing to make a conscious effort of self-discovery of my karma patterns and addressing them with the help of the Essenian Mental Healing and Reiki – just the way I was taught to do with Essenian clients.”

Katarzyna Jablonska

Essenian Healer, training to become an Essenian Master (Teaching)



Essenian Healings offer healing path tailored individually, to each client’s karma. Before we make an appointment it is always channelled through energetic communication with the Esenian Guides whether or not this particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person at this moment in time and which healing is needed. Not only could this give us an insight into the meaning (or inevitability) of illnesses, but it also teaches us that no human being can decide or really know whether something may or may not be healed.

Not every illness or problem may be healed at any given time.  Sometimes due to karmic purification we have chosen for ourselves, which is not yet completed, a healing cannot be offered – we need to first experience certain ailment, disease or situation, long and deep enough, to be able to learn and through that grow in consciousness.

When it’s channelled that a healing is possible for you, it means that your karma piece has finished or partially finished and through the Healing route a part of the remaining piece can be reset, so then it’s easier for you to make sustainable changes in your life and health. It is essential that we make a conscious effort to sustain these changes after the healing, because falling into old thought and behaviour patterns will make us fall back into disease and suffering again – these always go together and we are responsible for keeping the changes we’ve been offered to make.

There are three levels of Essenian Healings and on each level there are different treatments, which we need at different moments in our lives, to purify our karma, learn and through that make sustainable changes in our life and health. For a definitive break-through in your problem/ailment, it is best to follow the healing route (one or more healings) as indicated by the Guides. The effectiveness varies from person to person and is based on our karma, self-reflection and the willingness to make changes.

Depending on the treatment, you might be asked to lay down on the massage couch, to sit on a chair or to stand for a part of the treatment. You need to remove your watch, glasses, lenses and jewellery.

Level 1 Essenian Healings

Consists of raising the ionized calcium in the body and thereby releasing pain from the bones and joints.

With this healing, mental instabilities such as stress, sleeping problems etc. may be healed.

With this healing all kinds of pain, but especially that derived from organs in specific places, and soft tissues such as connective tissue, pains may be healed.

Level 2 Essenian Healings

This wonderful healing sorts out endocrine disorders. A genome is repaired, this is one piece of the information located on a chromosome.

Is an advanced pain healing reduction, it can remove any sort of pain.

This healing is for people that are not in harmony with themselves, their surroundings or even the world.

Master Essenian Healings

Again the S.O.E.F is addressed and through Stone laying, toning and sweeping the Chakras will be brought in total balance.

This beautiful healing is ment for people with M.E. chronic fatigue (not depression). Through a special pattern of the Stones the S.O.E.F is addressed and therefore heals what may be healed.

Through the activation, pattern of the stones and the very high vibration of the Tetrahedrons of the Light Body, diseases may be healed.

What happens during Essenian Healings?

In Essenian Healings, like in Reiki, the healers are channels for the energy. The clients need to actively engage and participate in the healing process – throughout and after each session, to sustain the changes.

The correct energetic communication between humans and the Energies – the Essenian Guides takes a lot of energy and effort. This is due to us, humans, existing on much lower level and having to raise our energy very high to connect with the beings existing as pure energy/consciousness (without the body). Because for us, humans, it is not possible to look into someone’s karma book objectively – our human ego will always interfere, the training of the Essenian Masters is to open up to the much higher energy of the Guides and communicate as clear and open channels. The Energy Guides exist on a different level of consciousness and energy, have no physical bodies, no ego, therefore can bring through the correct information for every healing – it is not possible for us humans, to do this alone.

Depending on the healing, the healers use different stones laid in fixed geometrical patterns to build specific energy field. The Crystalline structures inside the stones resonate with human thoughts, emotions and feelings – forms of energy, that are a part of our electromagnetic field.

Toning is meant to open up pieces of the energetic bodies, which contain our thoughts, emotions and feelings, and the energy field moving in and around the body where all the physical and mental components are being projected.

The Power of the Mind is something we all have to some degree, but the Essenian Healers are trained to generate it to a much higher degree. The ones, who have chosen to walk the path of an Essenian Master are born with the gift of a very strong Power of the Mind. That combined with the visualisation and breathing techniques, toning and laying stones in geometric energy fields, generates the Energy that address the SOEF, so that the healing can take place.