Our Healing fees:

Essenian Healings


Level 1 Essenian Healing – £45

Level 2 Essenian Healing – £60

 Level 3 Essenian Healing – £65 -110 (depending on the channelling)

Before we book an appointment:


  1. Conversation with client by phone, skype or in person to understand why the healing is needed.
  2. The healer contacts the Energy Healing Guides through energetic communication to channel the exact healing route needed for the client at this point in time. This is then double-checked by Lisa Lux through another channelling with the Energies.
  3. The Healer contacts the client to explain which healings can be offered, if any.


If you decide you wish to receive the therapies indicated for you, we can now make an appointment.


  1. The Healing treatment takes around 1 hour
  2. The alcohol can NOT be consumed on the day of the healing, as it decreases the energy levels significantly and through this interferes with the healing.
  3. It is essential that the client wears light colour clothes – white, light grey or beige – with NO patterns, to enable the Energies work to their highest potential possible.
  4. As we are working here with crystalline structures of stones and energy fields, we strongly advise that the client leaves at home any gem stones or crystals jewellery and electronic devices.


Reiki Treatment – £35 for 1hr session

Reiki treatment on-site

Here you come to the healing centre where treatment is provided. This is a chance for you to step out of your life, change your surroundings and to create a cocoon of tranquillity, safe and sound. Here you can interact on a deeply personal level, share your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Reiki treatment at Client’s home

If coming to the centre is not possible for you, we can visit you at home. Here we require an additional cost for the transport.

Reiki on a Distance

£12 – 15 min session

We offer this treatment if coming in person or a session at your home are not practical or you need Reiki outside your sessions. It is essential that we agree suitable date and time, when you can spend the 20 min treatment time in a quiet and comfortable place. Here we require full payment in advance of the session.

How to book a session?

When you submit your message via the contact form or email we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a Healing. You can also contact us by phone on 0-7909-337-569.

To confirm your session pre-payment of 50% of the indicated healing fee is required. Payments are made via the PayPal gateway or bank transfers. Your session will be confirmed immediately after we receive a payment confirmation linked to your name.

Our cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes despite your best intentions you are unable to attend the scheduled Healing. If this happens and you notify us up to 24 hours before the Healing, we will refund your payment or reschedule the session.