Saturday 30 November – Sunday 1 December 2019 at 10am-6pm, Space 108, 1a Greenside Place, EH45 8JB Peebles, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Learn the holy knowledge of the Essenes – the 5th Dimensional Arts of Healing: the three Essenian Level 1 Healings, the power of the stones and the special Essenian method of purifying and tuning them up, the power of Love and the power of our thoughts.

Price £140 for 2 days workshop, approx. 8h each day

To book your place contact Katarzyna Jablonska

Email: or Tel: 07909337569

This workshop is for people who would like to learn and offer Essenian Healings to others. No healing background or Reiki Initiation necessary – only a commitment to practice.

Upon two days-completion you will receive the diploma and title of Essenian Assistant Healer and a set of 17 stones for the healings, already purified and tuned up by an Essenian Master.

The high 5th Dimensional energy techniques – Pleiadian Healings and Essenian Healing Methods have been put back on Earth by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder, from The Academy Of The 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, after they have been asked by Mother/Father God to do this through energetic communication with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene – in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people wanting to participate in their healing path. If at some point in life we experience physical, emotional, mental problems or challenging situations, the Essenian Healing Methods and Pleiadian Healings – sometimes a combination of them, can bring about healing in line with person’s chosen karma path, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.

Not every illness or problem may be healed at any given moment. Sometimes this is part of the individual chosen karma path and purification – we know from the energetic communication (channelling) whether or not a particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person and whether through a Pleiadian Healing or the Essenian Healing methods.

Practitioner: Katarzyna Jablonska, Initiated Essenian Master (Teaching Level 1), Reiki Master (Teaching), Leader of the first Pleiadian Healing Circle in the UK, Essenian Healing Journey Healer Level 1.