Pleiadian Healings are very old high energy healing techniques, 5th dimensional Healings – just like the Essenian Healing Methods. The Pleiadian Energies exist on the Pleiades, a 5th dimensional star cluster. The energy sent to Earth by the Pleiadians has a very high resonance. Therefore, a group of people is needed, with high level resonance, to be able to hold the energy in its place – these people together with the Guides and the Dolphins form the Pleiadian Healing Circle. The healing happens on a deep energetic level and it is the Pleiadians who carry out the healing at a very high speed (10-45 sec) surrounded by the Pleiadian Healing Circle. Throughout the session the Leader of the Circle, in this case me, is in energetic contact with the highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher Lisa Lux, because she is the only one able to communicate with the Dolphins and through that with the Pleiadians, on the level that is needed to realize these healings.  Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ complementary soul asked Lisa, through channelling, to place the Pleiadian Healing Circle back on Earth again. The first Pleiadian Healing Circle was set up and led by Lisa in Majorca. Since then Lisa trained people to set up Pleiadian Healing Circles in other counties, they are now in: France, Majorca, Mexico, Canada, Gambia, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and 2 in the UK – Birmingham and New Mills. For those who wish to experience the Pleiadian Healing the proce is £50, for the members of the Circle the training and monthly healings are free. More information here:

Not every illness or problem may be healed at any time. Sometimes this is part of the individual chosen karma purification and lessons – we know that from the energetic communication (channelling). Before every healing session Jesus or Mary Magdalene communicate energetically to Lisa whether or not a particular illness (problem) may be healed for particular person and whether through a Pleiadian Healing or the Essenian Healing methods or a combination.