Energy Healing Treatments and Courses – Essenian Healings and 5th Dimensional Healing 


Our world is starting to live fully in the 5th Dimensional Energy. It’s a big change. We’re trying to make sense of what’s going on in our physical body, our life and with people around us. Some of us are already tapping into their full potential, realizing our true nature and purpose – living with Christ Consciousness.

Here you can find Energy Healing Treatments and Courses – Essenian Healings and 5th Dimensional Healing, that will help you make the most of your life in this new reality.

Have You noticed certain situations happening over and over in Your life?

Do You experience any persistent physical, mental and/or emotional problems?

Do You sometimes find it difficult to find or express Your True Self?

 our energy healing treatments and courses-  essenian healings

Unlike anywhere else, our Energy Healing Treatments and Courses: the Essenian Healings,  Reiki and 5th Dimensional Healinghave to do with liberating from past energy blocks (Karma) still affecting our daily life, and Soul Alignment with the current energy vibration. Through the Power of the Mind, plants and crystals we introduce the spirit of the current time-vibration-programme, thus enabling you to live in Harmony, Unity and Christ Consciousness in the higher – 5th – Dimensional reality.

You might find release and liberation through these sessions, to live your life more freely and keep up with the time. Because any kind of disharmony leads to energy blocks and eventually physical discomfort or illness.


We’re living in vibrational reality – everything around us vibrates (including physical objects, our body, feelings, thoughts, words) – all of it has its roots in energy. And that energy has now changed on Earth, to a lighter one, known as the 5th Dimensional Energy. It’s as if we’re tuning into a new, different melody – more honest, harmonious and with more integrity.

The higher our own vibration and self-awareness, the better we’re equipped to deal with this change, or any people, situations or illness. Attunements and Reiki Initiations serve this purpose – they bring our vibration higher. 

For deeper issues, when Reiki, medical care or other holistic treatments don’t bring desired outcomes, we use healing work, which helps us consciously work through our problems, to let go and through that make a lasting positive change in our health and life.

Our Energy Healing Treatments and Courses – Essenian Healings, Reiki and 5th Dimensional Healing, are here to support you in your Healing and Awakening process.

2023 training dates and details are available on request.


The long awaited event affecting our DNA, cellular communication and making a quantum leap to higher dimension possible – happened on 9th October 2022, read more here. The gamma, radio and UV rays from this blast have been known before (only from devices manufactured for therapeutic purposes) to stimulate healing process, expand consciousness and strengthen intuition. 

The all-changing and all-harmonising Galactic Ray from the Central Sun called Hunab Ku by Mayans, has been awaited and recorded in Mayan calendar long time ago. It is said it would change people forever.

And the current Galactic Year that started on 27 July 2022 in Mayan calendar, brings the Power of Awakening…coincidence?

There have been many theories, channelled messages and teachings over the years, claiming different meaning, effects and moments in time for the Transformation to 5th Dimension to happen. They are part of the current Time Programme, of which the downside is: reinventing reality to fit our own desires, usually driven by escape from reality, fear, power, and low self esteem in real life.

To really know the effects of this energy blast on each and every one of us individually and how to make the most of it, is at the heart of all the Energy Healing Treatments and Courses: the Essenian Healings,  Reiki, the 5th Dimensional Healing we offer here, and more. 

Join us in 2023 to learn, expand your consciousness and inspire others to do the same. 

Learn how to use Mayan Calendar to live in tune with higher dimensions – course details available on request.

essenes, Jesus and mary magdalene

The Essenes were an strict ascetic Jewish sect living in Qamran, they are known as the community where Jesus was born, and the ones who created the Dead Sea Scrolls. And they lived in a monotheistic tradition, just like the most recent Egyptian culture, thanks to Ankhenaten.

Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene a couple? Was Jesus crucified? How did Jesus heal people and walked on water?

The answers to these questions and more are in our training, details available on request.

healing KARMA

In it’s purest form Karma is unresolved energy from the past. There is no punishment, unless our unresolved emotion is guilt, and it subconsciously creates such life experience for us.

You don’t have to believe in Karma, it’s enough to look at your life as being on the giving and receiving end – in an abstract way, not literally. We’re looking at frequencies we send out in form of thoughts, words, feelings and behaviours. And the we’re looking at same things coming towards us from different people at different times. Some people call that Instant Karma.

You might have heard of generational karma, family karma or nation’s karma – it all works according to same principle of cause and effect.

More about Karma and how to consciously navigate through life challenges to avoid it in the future in our training 2023, details available on request.

5th dimensional healing

5th Dimensional Healing is all about vibration, continuous rising personal energy, becoming aware of root problems and discovering own life lessons and life purpose. It’s all connected. It is high likely that in this process we will discover truth and decide to break free from illusions draining our energy. It is a process of training to connect to our own Inner Wisdom, Inner Truth and Self-Love.

5th Dimensional Healing is NOT about channelling with someone else than Yourself, or putting your faith, life and wellbeing in the hands of other people. But it is about each one of us rising to your full potential, power and continuous growth. In the end we know what to do deep in our hearts.

The 5th Dimensional Healing sessions, Attunements raising your energy, and training courses – all details available upon request.

I entered a perpetual cycle of not believing and not trusting myself for 5.5 years, by relying on channelling of my teacher. I never thought to verify the information, decisions and messages coming from that channelling. It was a big mistake, I can see that now once I broke free from that power cycle.

Many times I shut down the voice of my heart and intuition, when I was told I was wrong and moving in the wrong direction. Fear was another factor, through all the verbal, mental and emotional abuse, and brainwash.

Why did I continue? Because I wanted to become an Essenian Master, because I wanted to fulfil my destiny, because I was brave and ambitious. But mostly because I followed an authority of channelling with Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Mother Father God. You can’t argue with those figures, can you?

And only as I decided to give my feeling a chance, give myself a real chance, I remembered all the times when the same question asked twice would come back with different answers from the channelling.

But the game changer for me was a medical condition, which a medical specialist has confirmed based on my symptoms – it was truly liberating! – the channeling could not be farther from the truth.

And there were many people receiving medical diagnosis trough the channelling of my teacher over the years, some in a very serious life-threatening conditions!

I left this spiritual cult, a pyramid scheme, after obtaining over 10 qualifications. I’ve sent paper copies of my diplomas back to the teacher, cut the ties and started my healing process. I don’t consider that time as lost, sometimes we get the opportunity to first learn how not to do things to know how to do them in the future.

My heart goes to anyone trapped in this and any other illusion. There is a way out.

iS IT a coincidence THAT you’re ON THIS WEBSITE?

Testimonial from Maria Paholik

“I had been asking the Universe for help for a few months before I met Katarzyna. I felt stuck and I wanted help to heal. Also with learning, growing and finding my path. I started going to workshops and events. I went to this particular event in Warrington. I felt very tired and I didn’t even want to go. But something told me that I wanted to go and I needed to. So I went. When I got there I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I thought I’d go with Numerology because I haven’t tried this before, then I heard that Katarzyna was going to talk about her work, so I decided to do that first and then Numerology. So, Katarzyna spoke about energy healings and what she was doing. I didn’t even know what Essenian and Pleiadian healing was, but I felt called to these. I felt to much in peace during listening to Katarzyna. I asked her after the talk if these healings could help with my back pain. She said she’d get in touch with me. So I left the event after, I felt this was the purpose for me to come and I am glad I listened. During walking home I felt so much peace within me, warmth and love. Then Katarzyna rang me after a while and told me my options. We made the appointment and I went to receive my very first Essenian Healing. The journey to say began there. I knew many things before meeting Katarzyna from reading a lot of spiritual literature. But I have never felt that inside. I started to finally love myself and not feeling guilty. Then I did the Reiki 1 Initiation course with Katarzyna. What an amazing experience! This has helped me a lot more.

I started working seriously on myself. Came to realise and understand a lot of things. And the knowledge from my brain and mind started to come from within. I feel lighter. And I feel that I feel again. I trust in the ‘Higher Source’. I speak my truth without fear. And this list (of changes) could go on.

All in all whatever Katarzyna does, she does it with love and care. I had no other choice but start to treat myself the same way as she does. I finally found the strength to follow my heart and my path and I really finally know that I am not alone.

I am ever so grateful to have met Katarzyna. I am grateful for the energy that she channels and also for her love and the work she does.”

Testimonial from Anna Jozwiak

It has taken me a while to put into words what seems to be pure magic and miracles that are happening around me since my Reiki initiation. It is difficult to describe it as no words can capture the unique and out of this world events that are taking place. However, I want to share with you the happiness that meeting Katarzyna brought into my life.

The Reiki 1 course I attended with Katarzyna felt like stepping into another dimension. The joy, tranquility and overwhelming peace were nothing like I have known before.

And since then, miracles just continue to life changed dramatically.
I went from living in my head and constantly listening to my inner critic, to listening to my heart, making friends with my intuition and living present in the moment trusting the future will unfold in a way that will support me and my development. I honestly have never been as happy as I am now. Since my initiation I keep meeting amazing people and my life just seem to flow. 

I will be forever grateful to you for showing me the way, initiating me to Reiki 1 and indirectly contributing to all those wonderful changes happening around me.
I am looking forward to progressing further on my learning journey under your guidance..”

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

― Lao Tzu

life coaching

Life Coaching offers a truly wholistic perspective through self-reflection on the meaning of events in your life, and helps you through that uncover why things repeat in your life and how to go about it.



Reiki is the Universal Life Energy (personal experience, not dogma or religion) used as a gentle, hands-on or distant complementary therapy. It brings emotional balance and mental clarity. It’s all for adults, children, with any medical condition or limitation.


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