ABOUT The Amber School of Essenian Arts of Healing

At The Amber School of Essenian Arts of Healing we are dedicated to practice the Esseanian Healing Methods, Pleiadian Healings and Reiki. Here the Essenian Healing Workshops and Reiki Initiation Courses will be taught to you in the exact same way they were handed over from the Godly World (Mother/Father God, Mary Magdalene and Jesus) through channelling with Lisa Lux (highly claircognizant and clair-knowing spiritual teacher) and Henk Mulder (clairvoyant on a very high level), and in line with the teachings of the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing. The Amber School of Energetic Healings was founded to support others on their healing path, providing them with the tools and mechanisms to cope with change and move forward in life consciously, during and after the Energetic transformation of Mother Earth and our global consciousness from the 3rd to the 5th Dimensional Energy.

We are deeply grateful to Lisa and Henk, two complementary souls, for all the Light work and the channelling they have performed for many years with Mother/Father God, Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Master Mikao Usui, so that we could now learn and offer these Healings, perform correct Reiki Initiations, and pass on the Esoteric Knowledge to those who are seeking  truth and want to offer high energetic Healings to others.




My healing journey

I was guided to Mary Magdalene, Jesus and the Essenes on many occasions through life synchronicities (Guides’ work) after I decided to change my life. I found these Energies through Lisa Lux (a highly clair-feeling and clair-knowing spiritual teacher) from the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing in France. There I’ve learned about the Laws of Karma and Instant Karma, and how we through these Energy Laws create our lives consciously and unconsciously. The Esoteric Knowledge from Reiki Initiations helped me look at my whole life with more and more honesty and clarity and step by step I started to consciously identify and heal those negative patterns of my character that have affected my life since childhood. Essenian Healings, Essenian Healing Journeys, Essenian Herb Healings I received from Lisa and the Pleiadian Healings, and those I have performed on myself, were invaluable in this process of inner transformation.

My soul chose to be born into a catholic family working through control issues, power struggle and a lot of anger, and therefore emotional abuse, which caused all of us hurt, more anger and an attitude of a victim – blaming each other for the way things were.

Back then I could not understand nor accept it was all meant to be, but it was a perfect environment to purify my heavy karma caused by my attitude of power in other lives. What my parents have gone through is part of their self-chosen karma to purify in this life. None of this was easy, it never is for anyone, but it’s the only way to bring the energy balance back on the planet, that we have damaged in other lives by hurting others consciously or unconsciously. Just like we know from science the energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, nothing ever goes away, every negative part needs to be addressed, I can clearly see and understand it now.

My biggest lesson was that we cannot expect nor demand a healing without wanting to put a conscious effort ourselves in changing our ways, and for that we need in full honesty admit that the root of the problem is in us, not the other person. This is also one of the lessons Master Mikao Usui gave us with the Reiki Principles. Looking for excuses (“it’s because of them…”) or alibis (“I just wanted to…”) is not the correct way to address our problems, and Jesus made it clear to me in one of his messages he gave to Lisa and Henk: “positive is positive, negative is negative”.

The biggest obstacle to my inner transformation (learning my self-chosen lessons) and purifying my karma consciously were the stories I was telling myself to believe I was “the good guy”. The reality was that through the kind of karma I created and didn’t want to admit, I was afraid of the Godly Energy/Godly Light, even the word God was difficult for me to say out loud. Then the life-changing education and high energy healings have helped me start changing my perception and my negative patterns, and through that my external life started to change into positive too. Everything is connected.

My constant money problems, feeling never good enough, eating problems, feeling always cold physically, emotional distance, anxiety, trust issues, a lot of fears, stress amongst other things, have gone away now through all the work and the Essenian and Pleiadian Healings – by addressing issues like strive for power, fear of losing control, greed, narcissism, materialism, judging and criticising and many more over the past few years.

Lisa explained to me that I chose to come to Earth with a lot of karma from other lives, with the gift of a very strong Power of the Mind, and a mission to practice the Essenian Healings to purify a lot of my karma, by doing good things for people and myself now. It was offered to me that I could do a real Reiki Master training and become an Essenian Teaching Master. Part of the Essenian Master education confirmed my knowing about Jesus’ life and mission, that I could not find in any books or anywhere else. I’ve always been sceptical, but could not ignore my inner feeling that this was the right path for me, and all the synchronicities (signs, messages) and my dreams were very clear and pointing in this one direction.

And then I was correctly initiated to Reiki after previous distant Master initiations – Lisa made me aware, that distant initiations cannot work, and that the symbols and the way to use Reiki, I was previously taught, were unfortunately incorrect. That’s when I felt Reiki first time as a high pure presence, a state of being and a way of living, a pure connection with the highest Source, and I felt honoured to be initiated in such way.

All together I am grateful that with all the other holistic and energy healing practices I’ve certified in, I kept searching for something that really created noticeable and lasting changes in my daily life, as a chance for me to learn to know, accept and love myself. And through these high energetic healings I can offer same chance to other people now.


The person I am today I owe to Lisa Lux, my Essenian and Reiki Master, Henk Mulder, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Lisa, with all her Love and dedication, has been helping me see and change my negative patterns (character traits, thoughts, behaviour) through many hours of counselling, teachings, healings and distant energy support. She believed in me when I didn’t, when it all felt ‘too much’ for me and I wanted to escape my destiny. At one of these moments Jesus gave her a message to contact me because ‘I was doubting myself again’. I am grateful to Jesus for all messages he gave to Lisa and Henk for me when I needed to hear the truth. Under Lisa’s guidance I started to see how my present thoughts and actions come back to me and how those from my other lives come back to me now and affect my life (karma). Lisa helped me liberate myself from fear, shame and guilt related to God, Love, spirituality, past lives and energy healing (including Reiki), that my religion (catholic church) has instilled in my culture and society (Polish) and people all over the world for centuries. Therefore, I am especially grateful for the teachings of truth about karma, Mother/Father God and Christ Consciousness.

I am grateful to my Essenian Guide, Jacobus, who had been appointed to guide me throughout my live and during the Healings, in an invisible but noticeable way (through signs, signals, insights, thoughts, dreams and other ways), and has been shown to a card reader already a year before I received a Guide Encounter session from Lisa. I would not be able to do any part of this work without him.

I am deeply grateful to Mother/Father God, Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Lisa for the chance to be part of this holy work for all humanity (including myself), as we undergo the Transformation from the 3rd to the 5th Dimensional Energy and Consciousness, a chance to become one of the Doctors of the 5th Dimension after 2022 as an Essenian Teaching Master, and a chance to put my time, effort and skills into offering help to others, that is meaningful and necessary at this moment on Earth.

It’s been a pleasure to learn from Lisa, so that I could teach my students and support them in the way Lisa supported me.





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