metaphysical healing techniques clearing out the body cells

What are Essenian Healing Journeys?

Essenian Healing Journeys are metaphysical healing method. They are specifically meant to wash out those physical and psychological patterns locked inside the body cells that make the body ill. They have an effect on the DNA.

The essential parts of these Journeys are the stone-layings in fixed geometrical patterns, special wishes of healing that one can place on the golden button and other esoteric knowledge, such as the meeting with the Guides. All this is only to be experienced with Essenian Healing Journey (Assistant) Healer trained by Lisa Lux.

These Essenian Healing Journeys have all been written as a fairytale. According to Mary Magdalene, this is the best way to address and heal the inner child.  All this and each treatment, step by step, have all been asked by Mother/Father God to be put back on Earth by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder, through energetic communication with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene, for the time when the Earth has completely transitioned into the 5th dimensional energyThe holy Essenian Healings are not a religion, they come from the highest Energy Source, Mother/Father God, which we are all part of.

These high energy techniques have been put back on Earth in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people wanting to participate in their healing path. If at some point in life we experience physical, emotional, mental problems or challenging situations, the Essenian Healing Journeys, sometimes in combination with Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings in line with person’s chosen karma path, can bring about healing, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.

Essenian Healing Journey for children
Essenian Healing Journey for (young) adults
Essenian Healing Journey for Ego problems

For children with sleeping problems, all sorts of fear, separation problems and for children that are not well grounded.

Against all kinds of fear and problems that seem to exist without any reason in this life, but surely have a deeper cause.

Stabilizes the most dominant Ego problem that affects your life in a (very) negative way.




Essenian Healing Journeys, Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings offer healing path tailored individually, to each client’s karma that is what we have chosen for ourselves to learn and experience during this life, to put back in balance things we have inflicted on other people through our wrong choices in other lives. Before we make an appointment it is always channelled through energetic communication with the Esenian Guides whether or not this particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person at this moment in time and which healing is needed. Not only could this give us an insight into the meaning (or inevitability) of illnesses, but it also teaches us that no human being can decide or really know whether something may or may not be healed.

Not every illness or problem may be healed at any given time.  Sometimes due to karmic purification we have chosen for ourselves, which is not yet completed, a healing cannot be offered – we need to first experience certain ailment, disease or situation, long and deep enough, to be able to learn and through that grow in consciousness.

When it’s channelled that a healing or a combination of healings is possible for you, it means that your karma piece has finished or partially finished and through the Healing route a part of the remaining piece can be reset, so then it’s easier for you to make sustainable changes in your life and health. It is essential that we make a conscious effort to sustain these changes after the healing, because falling into old thought and behaviour patterns will make us fall back into disease and suffering again – these always go together and we are responsible for keeping the changes we’ve been offered to make.

At different moments in our lives we may need different Essenian Healing Methodes or Pleiadian Healings, to purify our karma, learn and through that make sustainable changes in our life and health. For a definitive break-through in your problem/ailment, it is best to follow the healing route (one or more healings) as indicated by the Guides through the channelling. The effectiveness varies from person to person and is based on our karma, self-reflection and the willingness to make changes.

Reiki heals to the point of our Karma. Therefore, any physical, emotional or mental problems that you have chosen for this life, Reiki won’t change. But it might be, that at the right time, there will be Essenian Healings or Essenian Healing Journeys or Pleiadian Healings, possible for you to receive, that will address some of the karma pieces that cause you suffering or distress.

Because we are going through a global transformation of energy and consciousness on Earth from the 3rd dimensional to the 5th dimensional Energy, the negative feelings and experiences become more perceivable in our daily life. They are brought to our awareness, as opportunities, to do something about them if we choose to. Correct Reiki Initiations raise our energy and consciousness, the Esoteric Knowledge we teach with Reiki Initiations, is also for those, who have been initiated to Reiki before, can help you understand the reasons to your life experience (karma).