5th Dimensional Healings

The Essenian Herb Healings are suitable for adults and children (infants and babies too), during pregnancy, for the frail and the elderly, because it is only positive energy. They are 5th Dimensional Energy Healings, unlike any other plant/herbal treatments, and they aim to reduce the ailments as much as the client’s Karma path allows at that moment; usually multiple treatments are necessary. We use the energy of the plants, in combination with toning and the Power of the Mind. Plants are placed in small amounts on the body (acupuncture points), not used internally.

With the rapid increase of the 5th Dimensional energy causing people to purify faster and the 3rd Dimensional conventional medicine and other treatments not bringing the desired outcomes, the Essenian Herb Healings just like the other Essenian Methods and Pleiadian Healings have been placed back on Earth by Mary Magdalene and Jesus, through channelling with Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder – you can read more here. The healing plants and herbs were one of the methods that Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Mary and Joseph practiced  2000 years ago living as part of the Essenes Community.

The Essenian Herb Healings at the Healer Level 2 offered by Katarzyna Jablonska are suitable for medical diseases/discomforts in the following areas:

General Category: e.g. Allergy, Anti-Inflammatory and Antidepressant

Heart and Blood Vessels

Lungs and Bronchial Tubes

Brain and Nerve Fibres

Throat, Nose, Ear



Remaining Organs

Soft Tissue

Urogenital (lower Urinary Tract)

Bones, Joints, Connective tissue and Cartilage


If you or your children experience problems or suffer from diseases/discomfort related to any of the above categories, and would like to make an appointment or you have some questions, contact Katarzyna Jablonska. The cost of one Essenian Herb Healing session is £35 (it is possible to do part money and part energy exchange – maximum 40%)