We all had to limit our contact with the outside world significantly, some of us have already discovered the bright side of it – time to nurture and heal our insides, in all kinds of ways… The big cleaning out that is going on on Earth right now is part of our transformation from the 3rd to the higher, lighter 5th Dimensional Energy, developing towards the positive feeling is part of it too. This is why Reiki Initiations with Esoteric Knowledge are so important – lifting up our personal energy and helping to consciously stay longer in the positive feeling, by bringing awareness to the negative parts in us that need acknowledgement and healing. This however is only possible face-to-face with a correctly initiated Reiki Master, so if you are interested in coming for the Initiation in the future, please get in touch.

In the meantime, if you feel you need some Energy for healing a specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem, or you just want some positive energy, cleansing, comforting, relaxing – you might benefit from Reiki Distant Healing sessions, in the comfort of your own home. It is essential that we agree suitable date and time, when you can spend at least 20 minutes in a quiet and comfortable place. The price is £12 for a 15 min session. If this is calling to you, please send me an email or call for appointment.

Reiki in person or on a distance honours the boundary of personal karma and life lessons – as they are the choice of each soul – so the deeper issues need a different kind of healing. The only way to address these deeper karmic issues is through the Essenian and Pleiadian Healings, because they are the only 5th Dimensional Healings on Earth. In the Essenian Healings the healer and the Essenian Guides work together, to generate the energy that addresses a specific energy field inside and around your body that is unique to you, it’s called SOEF, and there they reach your karma, and specifically part of it, that has been present in your life long enough and has reached a point when it can be completed. So we always know which of the Essenian Healings or a combination each person needs, to make sure you receive the right treatment, for the issue and at the time when a lasting positive change is really possible.

The Essenian and Pleiadian Healings are for everyone, old, frail, young, some even for babies, and it doesn’t matter if you are completely new to energy healing or you have been part of the holistic and spiritual community for many years,  because the ancient Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healing Circles have only become available to us again in the last few years, so ultimately everyone is new to them, and they are always only complementary to any medical treatments, and especially worth considering when we’ve exhausted all available options and nothing seems to be working.

This is precisely why I turned to healing when I felt there has to be more to life than what we can perceive with our 5 senses and that the cure for my own disappointments, depression, stress, anxiety and a lot of frustrating thoughts, lies in the ancient ways of healing with energy. I’ve experienced a lot of positive changes and it is still work in progress 🙂

We’re living in the most exciting times of all, going through the transformation of planet Earth and her inhabitants, at an incredible pace – we only have few years left and after the end of 2022 we will be living solely in the 5th dimensional energy – life based more and more on equality, honesty, love and harmony. It’s incredible! But before we can get there we must first heal all the negatives inside us causing us all the discomfort on the inside and all the trouble from the outside – to get a closure on unresolved things from our other lives (karma). And the 5th Dimensional Healings are here to go along this journey and help if and when you need them. You can read more on my teacher’s website:

So those of you who feel this energy work might be the answer to your problems, then we have the Essenian and Pleiadian Healings, the only 5th Dimensional Healings on Earth, that we all could benefit from at different points in our lives.

Namaste and big hugs x