LIFE coaching

A path to deeper understanding of your life, more harmonious existence and peace within.

Do you feel in your heart the need for a change?

Are you searching for new meaning/purpose in your life?

Would you like to put something behind you and make a fresh start?




It offers a truly wholistic perspective through self-reflection on the meaning of events in your life, and helps you through that uncover why things repeat in your life.

And from there you can slowly start to make new decisions on building your future more consciously and in harmony with yourself and the people around you.

HOW does IT FEEL? 

"The session with Katarzyna was great. She really listened and gave me a safe and comfortable space to be vulnerable. She helped me to address and move forward from my negative feelings. I highly recommend Katarzyna to anyone looking for healing.

Katarzyna is a patient, gentle and kind soul who really listens and gives excellent insight and advice. She is compassionate with her clients, really understands them well and provides great support, encouragement and advice to them."

Julie Elves

The fear and Self-esteem Specialist

Life Coaching for Young Adults 18-21

Learn to recognize your emotions, know what they mean, where they come from, and understand how they affect your life-choices. 

Life Coaching for Adults

Reflect on what your life and it's challenges have been telling you, and activate new insights to sense and feel your way to changes and solutions that will work for you.

Life Coaching for Adults with Children

Find what attitudes and approaches work best with your child/children, what you learn from each other and how to best support them.

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