What is reiki?

Reiki (from Japanese) means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki). It has been known for centuries all over the world under different names. Today Reiki is widely used as a complementary healing system – a non-invasive, hands-on or distant holistic therapy, also in medical world to support physical recovery. It works in all areas – strengthens the body, calms down the mind, comforts emotionally, fosters our spiritual growth, and our journey towards awakening and enlightenment. The Energy itself is not a religion or dogma and it exists independently of any authority figures, schools, systems, faiths or philosophies.

Testimonial from 5 min Reiki MINI Treatment

“I felt a physical & mental difference through Reiki.

Being a sceptic I usually need to experience something to believe it, I’ve now changed my views on Reiki and how powerful it can actually be”

– EQ, Social Work Team, St. Joseph’s Hospice, London, 2017


5 min Reiki mini treatments at live events, meetings or wellbeing days. An opportunity to experience pure Reiki and find out about the benefits of treatments and Initiations.



Only positive energy, safe for children, pregnant women, babies, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly. Bringing emotional balance, mental clarity and deep relaxation.


learn reiki

Reiki Initiation with Esoteric Teachings – a 2 days course for children and adults, raising vibration and consciousness. You learn to work with Energy, to use it for your own healing in your every-day life and share it with others.


reiki development

You have been initiated to Reiki before, and you’re looking to progress in your healing practice or your spiritual journey – here you will raise your vibration and consciousness through Initiations and esoteric teachings.


animal reiki

Reiki is wonderful also for Animals and their owners and carers. Animals may receive it anywhere at any time – hands-on, hands-off or distantly. In our Reiki line you don’t need any additional qualification to treat animals.



work effectively alongside conventional healthcare and natural remedies, bring deep relaxation – a sense of peace, strength and lightness.

restore sense of balance and harmony to mind, body and emotions, bring understanding, clarity and peace of mind

raise your vibration and consciousness, lead to inner freedom and self-love, increase self-confidence and happiness

reduce stress and anxiety, help overcoming addictions, insomnia, trauma, PTSD and depression

relieve physical pain, reduce post-operative pain, accelerate healing and recovery, strenghten immune system

Reiki Healing System

Reiki as a healing system “Usui Shiki Ryoho” was introduced to the West by Mrs Takata, who was initiated to Reiki by Chujiro Hayashi – a student of Mikao Usui. Since the time when Mikao Usui practiced Reiki, it has been developed further and undergone many changes, therefore we have so many different types of Reiki. The difference is not only in practice but also in vibration and consciousness.

Reiki session is a 1 hour treatment, carried out on a (massage) bed. We remain fully clothed and can close our eyes. The practitioner will gently place their hands on or above our body, keep them still for a few minutes, then move further to cover most of the body.

To start practicing Reiki we need to be correctly initiated – opened up energetically to become a vessel, where the Energy stream flows into our head and out of our hands. Through that our vibration is raised also.

There are 3 levels of Reiki, each Initiation course takes two days, and you receive a diploma on every level. In this Reiki line you also receive Esoteric Teachings, which meant to lead you to deep knowing of who you really are, why you are here and where you are heading. It is a gentle experiential process revealing Your Truth, free from dogmas and authorities.


When we open up to our spiritual side, energy and healing, we may be vulnerable to authority figures and teachings that claim to be the “right” way or “the only way”. In this Reiki line we bring the Esoteric or the Gnostic Teachings (meaning mystical and for the chosen few) to the light, so that we all have equal chances at realizing our true sovereign nature, highest potential and life purpose, which all is Christ Consciousness.

Through the Energy we can support ourselves especially during big changes, such as the current energy and consciousness shift on Earth to the 5th Dimension. The old paradigm (or the 3rd Dimension) we have left behind, was a lot about fear, helplessness and control – often imposed on us by institutions or individuals in power positions, such as some teachers, parents, authorities, or cult, religious, spiritual and sectarian movement leaders. 

Whereas in the 5th Dimension we can liberate ourselves from the abuse of power. Starting with ourselves, we gradually transform our relationships and reality, sometimes leaving behind situations and people who hurt us in some way. Here, Reiki can help us make sense of all the intense feelings and difficult experiences in our daily life, as we’re connecting deeper with our True Self, with what we truly feel and want, and with the world around us (Unity Consciousness).  Living our life in a more true, authentic way with integrity and boundaries starts with ourselves, and fosters the kind of Self-Love that brings a sense of peace within, fulfilment, abundance and bliss.

Reiki may help us understand our (InstantKarma – our physical, emotional or mental problems that meant to teach us something through suffering, challenge or distress. These problems might need a deeper healing through different energy techniques. The question is often: How much do we need to finally let go?  While there are many schools and philosophies on karma, we must remember that it is our choice how long for we go through these problems – nobody punishes us, we punish ourselves (subconsciously). The Energy, Self-reflection and deeper healing sessions can help us understand how we create our reality subconsciously, put a stop to experiences we don’t want and start creating the future we desire. 

reiki treatment

– hands-on gentle touch session: 1hr £55





– 2 days, approx 6hours each day

Testimonial from Chris Moore, Reiki 2 Practitioner

“Receiving initiation, training and healing from Katarzyna has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She has a gentle and loving approach to energy work which I deeply appreciate. I feel very grateful for being taught how to activate my body’s natural healing energies and to really listen to what I need. Reiki is an amazing gift for this life, which has affected my relationship with myself and others. After working on healing my inner child,  I have felt a softening around interactions with my father and brother, allowing me to show and acknowledge deep love between us. 

I feel, that through the Essenian healing treatments I received, my relationship with my partner has changed too. We used to experience a lot of conflict and frustration in our sexual relationship and after receiving Essenian healing, this has shifted into a harmonious balance. I also suffered badly with sciatica on my right side, which has lifted completely after receiving treatment. 

I highly recommend working with Katarzyna, she has a huge heart.”


Yes, we need to attune ourselves to the vibration of a Reiki Master, which happens energetically at the moment of initiation.  We can not do this alone, a Reiki Master/ Teacher needs to take us though this process by raising our vibration


Reiki Master course takes 3-4 months on expanding our consciousness and self-awareness. After that the 2-day Initiation again raises our vibration and provides us with more tools to work with Energy.

Reiki Master/ Teacher is an extension preparing to perform Initiations and facilitate Reiki courses.


The Reiki level 1 course is an introduction to the Usui System of Natural Healing. It covers the history of Reiki, the Esoteric Teachings, how to use Reiki on on ourselves and on others. This is an important part of our spiritual and healing journey, raising our consciousness, vibration and strengthening the Energy flow.



The Reiki 2 takes us deeper into the Usui System of Natural Healing, into the Esoteric Teachings, and it allows us to treat on a distance through the Reiki symbols and mantras, that strengthen our connection with the Reiki Energy. We can deepen our understanding of what Reiki can do for ourselves, other people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.



An exciting 2-day course raising children’s vibration , and teaching them how to support themselves through Reiki in any situation.

Through the guided meditations and exercises kids learn how to connect to their God’s Spark within and to try to focus on happy thoughts and positive feelings.



Those of us who have been attuned to Reiki before, are welcome to join Initiations in this Reiki line to raise your vibration higher and receive the Esoteric Teachings.

TRY 5 min of REIKI for free


“The Lifeforce Project supports people who are aiming for or who are in recovery from substance misuse. As such we are always looking to signpost participants towards new activities which may support them in their recovery.

Katarzyna was kind enough to take part in our mindfulness and well being day on 22nd June 2018. First of all she gave us an interesting talk on the types of healing that she carries out. Katarzyna told us about her background, some of the difficulties she had to face and how this led her to seek healing through Reiki and other therapies. it was fascinating to hear how her life path then led her to train in these therapies in order to help others.

After the talk, participants were invited to receive an individual short session of Reiki. Katarzyna was softly spoken and attentive throughout. Quite a few people took part and many said that they felt immediate benefit which resulted in them feeling calmer and relaxed. One participant felt mentally stronger and quite euphoric after her session. All in all it was a successful visit and quite a few participants stated that they would like to investigate this type of healing therapy further as they had found it very helpful.

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